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Properties Dubai industry is now a buyer's market. Properties Dubai Buyers are now after the most attractive projects. There is a reasonable demand for properties Dubai residential units in areas that have finished roads and basic facilities, such as shops and schools according to consultants.

The main challenge for properties Dubai market is to find a buyer in a market where there's a lot of competition.

The main issue is how to package your properties Dubai to make it the one that people want to buy, and price is obviously part of that.

Due to increased documentation and formalities, mortgaged properties Dubai could pose as a challenge for sellers

Properties Dubai sale price depends on several factors:

1. The motivation of the properties Dubai seller
2. How long the properties Dubai been on the market
3. Buyer needs whether finance or cash, that means selling your properties Dubai at a price lower than what you bought it for.

Properties Dubai is still being sold at a profit in areas such as Emirates Living and Palm Jumeirah. Buyers who invested during the peak period are finding it difficult to sell their properties Dubai at purchase price or above.

Properties Dubai consultant advice sellers to use a professional agent with a track record in properties Dubai market for 2 reasons:

1. The amount of work required to sell properties Dubai.
2. Using agent to sell properties Dubai will generate higher price than sale direct.

Properties Dubai seller should take great care in selecting the agent, making sure that the company is registered with the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (Rera) and has a good reputation within the properties Dubai market.

Properties Dubai seller should look to build a relationship with their agent and give them a timeframe with which to sell

Properties Dubai tax implications

Investors probably have not considered properties Dubai tax implications in the past unless they are a dollar-denominated investor.

It does matter if you are a European or an Indian, clearly you could gain and lose more on the currency when negotiating with your properties Dubai buyer

The properties Dubai sales commission in Dubai property market is between 5-8% of the selling price, the rate ranges between 1-3%. It depends on many factors, such as the availability of:

- Similar properties Dubai price, condition & views

If the properties Dubai is well priced and in good order, then it should find a buyer within 4-8 weeks

The entire process, from the time a properties Dubai agreement is signed between a seller and properties Dubai agent and the completion of the sale, can take from a week to a year.

Properties Dubai selling process scenario:

1. Seller calls the agent and gives information related to the properties Dubai, in the case of an individual he need to submit:

- Copy of the Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA), properties Dubai floor plans and passport copy.

If properties Dubai seller is company you need to submit

- Trade license
- Board resolution
- Passport copies of the authorized signatories of properties Dubai.

2. Properties Dubai sales agent will inspect the property to estimate its value. The factors that are considered for the property valuation are the completion of properties Dubai community, infrastructure, floor and view, among others.

3. On the basis of the information provided and checked by the properties Dubai sales agent, the details are logged and the property is listed. Details can be viewed on the website of the agent. Properties Dubai Sales agents start conducting viewings of the properties Dubai and keep the seller informed of any offers received. Once a prospective buyer has been found, both the parties proceed with the other formalities related to the sale.

4. The properties Dubai seller settles all payments, if any, due to the developer and other related parties, for example DEWA.

5. The seller receives 10% of the properties Dubai purchase price as a security deposit

6. Properties Dubai deposit is a guarantee should the buyer pull out. The seller has to pay the same charges that are applicable to the buyer.

7. The security deposit from the buyer needs to be collected and held by the properties Dubai agent, which can be refunded or adjusted on the date of the transfer at the DLD.

8. The MOU needs to cover all parts related to properties Dubai assignment.

9. properties Dubai seller and buyer need to sign all related documents such as:
- Submission of properties Dubai documents,
- Signing of properties Dubai agreements and assignment forms
- Receipt of clearance certificates from the properties Dubai Owners.
- Properties Dubai developer will process the NOC.

10. The parties obtain the NOC from the developer to transfer and register the properties Dubai into the new owner's name at the land department. Both parties fix an appointment at the DLD to effect the transfer.

11. The properties Dubai seller receives the balance of the agreed properties Dubai sale price, in the form of a bank manager's cheque, and the buyer receives the title deed in his name.

Charges for properties Dubai legal work can vary according to its nature. Attestation of properties Dubai documents may vary from a simple notarization from Dubai Courts if the properties Dubai document is executed in Dubai, to a notarization and an attestation from the UAE embassy at the place of origin followed by verification and attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at Dubai, if the properties Dubai document is executed outside Dubai.

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